Carbon3IT Ltd Services

Carbon3IT Ltd are a Sustainable IT Consultancy based in the UK but operating globally, we provide compliance and assessment services for data centres and provide consultancy on how to become energy efficient and sustainable.

A list of our services can be found below:

CEEDA Assessments – the Certified Energy Efficiency Award (CEEDA) is delivered by Datacenter Dynamics and is the assessment of a data centre to between 75-85 of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) best practices, and the analysis of the ISO30134 series of Data Centre KPIs as may be selected by the assessed organisation. We are the global lead assessors/auditors for the programme. For more information contact DCD directly or visit their website here

DCA Certification – the DCA certification is based upon the EN 50600 series of standards and covers Availability, Protection Classes, Energy Efficiency and Operational Professionalism. We are the DCA appointed Auditor for the scheme. More information can be found here